You Are What You . . . Huff?

As you may, or may-not be aware, a strange affliction has been infiltrating the bear population of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve in Northern Russia:  the bears are addicted to jet-fuel.  Specifically, they have been caught huffing canisters of jet-fuel, until they go weak in the knees and pass out. 



Building on the more staid gasoline-addiction, these bears have taken their chemical dependency to the next level, by either huffing their fuel-of-choice from canisters left on their nature preserve, or (more aggressively) by following helicopters on-foot, then lapping up the aviation fuel left on the ground when the helicopters land.  These Russian bears are not the only Eastern-European’s of their species to fall off the wagon.  In Ukraine the bear population has the em-bear-assing reputation of fiending for vodka.  

Now here’s the catch– the Kronotsky Nature Reserve is renowned for it’s big game hunting.  Jet-fuel huffing bears might be a quirky oddity when viewed from afar- but what about when viewed on a dinner plate?  Perhaps the Russian hunter’s laughing at their woozy prey won’t find it quite as hilarious after they’ve digested an entire bear-ful of aviation-fuel.  Symptoms of jet-fuel poisoning start as mild as rapid-breathing and increased heart rate, but can metastasize to causing convulsions, unconsciousness, and panic attacks.  

Chemicals and genetic modification run as deep through the meat industry as jet fuel does in the veins of these Northern European bears.  Do yourself a favor, and err in favor of non-toxic sustenance. 


Sources: The fix: Via Reddit.,  Picture credit:  Igor Shplennok/ Barcroft Media

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